This is my second short sunset project, that's what I will call it.  To begin, this is my "take" on photographing sunsets.  Sunsets are any photos taken around the time of sunset, and sunset photos may not actually even include the sun.  Often enough, the sunsets that I post are shots taken away from the sun, but standout to me due to the setting or rising sun.

Ponder this.  I have a pair of prescription sunglasses, with the UV protection, etc...  When I began learning photography I didn't wear my sunglasses, I wanted to keep the purity of the colors that I was suddenly noticing as I delved further into the art.  As time went on and I learned more, got more experience, in fact experimented like crazy, all the while trying to find a style that I felt good about...that represented the scene I saw when I took the photo.  Well, long story short, I found myself more and more using my sunglasses as an aid to help me find compositions. I realized my sunglasses were bringing out tones my naked eye was missing.  This look, this scene, this is what I wanted my photos to resemble, like the images seen through my shades.  
What's a "take" (from the paragraphs above)?  Glad you asked.  A take is a conclusion on a subject (or process or whatever).  For me, a take is a conclusion based on all the knowledge and experience I have on a subject at that time, then I add in a huge deviation for the fact that I probably don't know what I am doing.  Next I set my acceptance level (which is like a minimum because not everything can be awesome) and boom my take is born.  A shorter version...a take is a humble, openminded personal opinion with potential to change.  Welcome to my mind.
Above is the before and after.  The before was taken with my drone, but is actually a result of 3 jpg images stitched (standard panoramic) in Photoshop.  Since I can't use the HDR feature for these files my take is this...why not try and get more features in the composition through stitching and indirectly make up for the lack of HDR with clarity and distraction.  Lol.  You may not get that one.

Here is the actual drone footage I took yesterday and you will see the clips ends because I stopped recording the video, and then took the sunset image above.  Note the composition at the end of the clip.
The next short project I am going to go deeper and more specific into actual editing strategies, and how to carry those out.

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