Have you experienced that stretch of a few days or possibly even into weeks sometimes when there are no clouds and you find yourself staring into that same brilliant, masterpiece of a sunset composition you discovered a few months back and this now makes your 38th capture of this same cloudless spot in the last 3 months?  I am out of breath, ...that was a long sentence.  Ok back on track, have you been there?  I call it, "this sucks" and it's not a fun place to live.  So why am I writing this, why dwell on the negative?  Why am I bothering you with this dilemma?  Why, because I am in the middle of one such cloud drought right now, in December, in Arizona, in the sweet town of Payson and it's killing me.  Not really, but you get my point.  The days of walking out to my truck and looking up at the canvas skies and being excited about what I was about to capture with my lens, yeah its been awhile since I felt one of those days. So, what should you do to change yet another crazy cloudless composition?  Well, I can tell you one thing I do.  However, don't rely on my one thing, and don't give into the school of "no clouds no shot" mindset when out capturing a sunset.  In my opinion, there are countless compositions, and new creative and genius artistic styles around every turn, hill, mountain or downtown.  That is art.  So zoom it in.  Zoom in on something close, when there are no clouds, go find those unique silhouettes, trees, shadows, textures, or try taking out with you only a zoom lens...restrict yourself and open up your possibilities.  I hope you enjoy!
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