Roads.   Every town, any direction, if you want to get somewhere you should of been at a long time ago, a road was involved.  A road, a giver, a beginning and an end.  It connects families, binds communities, provides emergency services and penetrates each of our lives every day.  A road is how you got to where you are at right now.  Whether dirt, paved or gravel a road provides possibilities.  They drape our lands, they existed long before any of us (I am referring to our lifetime), and they will remain long after us, why not appreciate the beauty they offer, or the lines they create for photographers across the globe?  Here are a few local scenes that caused me to pull my car over in the last few weeks.  Each of these I was like "", but none would be the same if I was to say...take the road out of the frame.  The whole picture would be different, and in my opinion not as beautiful.  In my opinion this is where man and nature together do something functional and beautiful. I hope you enjoy!

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