"The Heart Of Arizona"
Payson, Arizona has been a favorite destination of mine.  
A small town vibe is apparent when you visit 
Payson,  and that’s because it is a small town.  
A town an hour north of Mesa with 16,000ish people, surrounded by the Tonto National Forest  
at 5,000 ft of elevation...it sits nicely tucked in below the Mogollon Rim.
Payson is the town where I currently live in an RV with my girlfriend, 
my dog "Bear" and all my camera gear.  
Literally, we live in a mobile studio (RV) and can park it any place we feel like  
and we chose Payson.  
Having been all over this state and being photographers 
we wanted to be in the mountains, we wanted to be close to the action, but yet not too far 
from the Phoenix Valley where our families live.  
For us, Payson was the answer.  
Payson not only sits in the heart of the Tonto National Forest, but within a 30 minute drive of Payson you could find yourself in either the Apache-Sitgreaves or the Coconino National Forests.  This is country where three forests come together, it's perfect.
Rim country, enough said?  
A photographers dream.  
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